Phone | Lycom Communications, Inc.


Phone service has never been this feature rich or this affordable.  Our phone service is a fraction of the cost of the traditional phone providers.  Please call 606.638.3600 and speak to one of our customer service representatives to discuss pricing options and available installation times.

Service Benefits Include:

Unlimited Local and Long Distance Services  Talk as long as you like to anyone in the United States without costly per minute charges.

Caller ID and Caller ID Blocking  You can see who is calling by incoming phone number and name. You can also block your own Caller ID information from being sent for individual calls.

Enhanced Voicemail  Check your voicemail from anywhere and enjoy the features found typically in a business-class offering such as message management, messaging callback, message waiting indicator and more.

Voicemails as Emails  Voicemail may be converted to email attachments where they can be played on any PC or mobile device. The voicemail can be shared with others simply by attaching the file in an email.

Call Control Features  We have a host of features to manage your phone experience including:
Call Hold  Place a call on hold.

Call Waiting and Cancel Call Waiting Per Call  Place a call on hold to answer another incoming call. Cancel the setting to have an uninterrupted conversation.

Call Forwarding  Transfer calls based on preferences.

Call Return and Last Number Redial  Place a call to the last number called or the last inbound number.

Do Not Disturb / Transfer to Voicemail  A handset can be set as “unavailable” so incoming calls get a busy signal or transfer incoming calls directly to voicemail.

Three-Way Calling  Connect three calls to optimize a conversation.

Automatic Callback  Eliminate the need to manual dialing back to a busy number. This feature rings the caller back when the line is free.

Anonymous Call Rejection  Eliminate calls from telemarketers and others who hide their Called ID information.

Speed Dials  Stores key or frequently called phone numbers for quick and error-free calling.