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Negotiations with Viacom

on Mar 31, 2014

Viacom, the owner of networks such as MTV, Nickelodeon and CMT, is threatening to remove all their channels because we will not agree to a rate hike greater than 40 times the rate of inflation. That’s like paying $3.50 for gas one day and then $6.00 the next.

Lycom, in an effort to keep cost low, has not agreed to their terms because this would cause an increase to our subscriber’s Expanded Basic package.  Viacom just recently reported a 16% rise in net income (Bloomberg). They have made profits and aim to increase those profits on the back of independent cable operators and their customers.

Please be patient while we negotiate a lower price to keep your bill below national average.  If Viacom decides to pull the signal to these channels, we will continue to negotiate for a timely resolve.  Lycom asks for your patience and support while we negotiate with Viacom for a fair price of these networks.